Temple Newsam Chinese wallpaper.jpg

Temple Newsam, one of the foremost country houses in Britain, is a treasure trove of carefully curated decorative items and interiors and has been brought back to life by a succession of talented and dedicated directors and curators. We are delighted to have been part of this exciting process, having conserved the wonderful Chinese Paper, a gift from the Prince Regent to Lady Hertford in the early 19th c and re creating a series of historical wallpapers discovered during the restoration of the house. Encouraged and inspired by the Senior Curator and co author of ‘ Wallpapers at Temple Newsam, 1635 to the present’ Anthony Wells Cole, we carefully researched traditional techniques, experimenting with the methods and materials used in the 18th and 19th Centuries and re learning skills that had been lost for many generations. This includes, Grisaille Papers, carefully printed from carved wooded blocks using traditional pigments and hand mixed distemper, plain papers and sumptuous flocks, made by printing the design in a sticky, pigmented varnish and sprinkling chopped wool to create a raised design to imitate damasks, or cut velvet.