Over the years, we have gathered a large archive of original material dating from the 17th Century through to the 20th Century. From magnificent rooms of hand painted Chinese papers to tiny fragments discovered in the most unexpected places. These provide an invaluable resource for the accurate design and creation of wonderful wallpapers, paints and interiors, in almost any style, from any period. Whether block printing, flocking, stencilling, embossing or gilding using gold and silver leaf, the results are rich in colour and texture, giving a lustrous finish impossible to achieve using modern methods and materials. Working closely with the Client, we create truly exceptional wall coverings; each individually handcrafted and each a unique and original work of art. The creative potential is infinite.

The team at Allyson McDermott takes enormous pride in their work and the contribution they make to the survival of traditional skills, the rural community and the preservation of our heritage.


We enjoy working closely with our clients to ensure that their wallpaper is a unique and individual work of art. We can create beautiful wallcoverings in any style, period, design, colour and finish to suit any interior be it historic or modern. From grand flocked, embossed or gilded papers to simple elegant regency stripes, the options are limitless. We are also able to work on commission, to design and develop ideas ʻfrom scratchʼ or by using archive fragments either as inspiration or as the basis for an authentic and historically accurate reconstruction. We do not hold any ʻ stocksʼ of wallpaper. We will make to specifically to fit your interior thereby saving on waste and ensuring that the paper hangs to best advantage. Once you have chosen the design, finish and colour you prefer, we will mix, match, paint and print samples for your approval. Once approved, we will start the process of creating your wallpaper. This should normally take 6-8 weeks and during that time you would be very welcome to visit our studios and see the work progress. We recommend that our papers are hung by experienced decorators and would be happy to install using our own specialists.