We were delighted to participate as lead consultants and  Historic Interior Designers for the  re presentation of the interiors at the Bronte Parsonage Museum. Situated in Haworth, Yorkshire, this building was the home of some of our greatest novelists, Emily, Ann and Charlotte Bronte in the early 19th Century. It was not an easy life, and tuberculosis took its tragic toll on the family, but by the 1850's Charlotte was making a good living as a writer and was able to make structural improvements and introduce a degree of comfort and elegance into the interiors.The brief was to target this period and investigate, analyse and research the physical evidence: layers of paint and  fragments of wallpaper as well as studying contemporary records, accounts and archives within the context of the style and fashion of the period. Working with Crick Smith at Lincoln University, we took many hundreds of samples and completed many weeks of meticulous research to identify the original schemes recreating paints, wallpapers and traditional fabrics to bring the Parsonage back to life.  https://www.bronte.org.uk