Gunsgreen House, Eyemouth was designed by John Adam and  built in 1773, by John Nisbit, a local merchant and alleged smuggler. The house proved a treasure trove of magnificent wallpapers and secret hiding places. We were asked to identify, analyse and remove fragments of wallpaper from throughout the house, and to recreate many of them to represent the various periods of occupation. The results were astounding, unique designs of great beauty executed with incredible skill and with a predilection for shocking pink ( carmine) Nisbit must have enjoyed living in these rich, highly flamboyant surroundings. Most notable were two European Chinoiserie papers dating from c 1770, one discovered in a room that was claimed to be used only as a store, thereby avoiding the expensive window tax !  Some rooms offered up many layers of paper spanning centuries and thereby providing a remarkable physical record of the taste and status of a succession of occupants.

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